Lesbian Teen’s Reddit Post About Crushing on Her Roommate Is Sweet AF

Written by on 13/09/2019

While the r/relationships and r/relationship_advice subreddits are usually filled with a lot of embarrassing (and sometimes downright horrifying) relationship stories, there’s an occasional hopeful golden nugget that restores the faith of people who previously thought the world was completely devoid of love.

While we were all gushing last weekend for that older man who described for his fellow Redditors what it was like falling in love with another guy for the first time, this week, we’re completely at awe over one lesbian teen’s revelation that she’s in love with her roommate—and that her roommate probably loves her back.

In her original viral post to r/relationships (which has unfortunately now been removed), a queer, 19-year-old Reddit user by the name of myfriendisanightmare saught advice about what to after being in love with her female roommate. According to PinkNews, she then went on to list all the times she suspected her roommate was flirting with her, and the whole thing sounds like it came straight out of a romantic comedy.

“She almost exclusively calls me ‘baby.’ She asked me if it was OK and I was like yeah go for it and she was like thanks because I always refer to my friends like this. But SHE DOESN’T,” she wrote in one example.

“I once fell asleep on my work and I woke up with my head in her lap and she was watching her laptop and stroking my hair and I almost had a stroke. She said I looked peaceful so she didn’t wake me. She also cuddled me when I was upset about a bad quiz grade and held me until I felt better,” she wrote in another.

As expected, people in the comments were quick to express how much they loved myfriendisanightmare’s tale of roommate love.

“You are living a fanfiction and my gay ass was cheering this entire post. I love hopeless lesbians. My people,” said one commenter.

“You’re already dating and you just don’t realize it yet,” said another.

While this all starts out like a tale of unrequited love, in a recent update, myfriendisanightmare assures us that her story has a happy ending, revealing that her and her crush are now officially in a relationship:

“We talked in detail. We are from an area where if someone is out as into women, everyone will know about it. That is why I didn’t know whether she was bi or not. Turns out she is!” she wrote. “Or has been figuring it out for the past few years. I honestly should have realised considering how much she thirsts over women in any media we consume, but I thought it was a joke. She said she likes both men and women and that she had been trying to flirt and put her feelings across to me from the things I mentioned in the post. She also said my post sounded like a meme and she thought it was a joke until she realised that it was me and I can be dense. She did say I could’ve just spoken to her before going to reddit but why would I do that you know? She also showed me her phone and her entire twitter search history was keywords related to my post where she was looking at the responses and laughing at them, both on reddit and twitter.”

“Anyway! We’re formally dating! Thank you so much for your kind words and well wishes reddit.”

Awwwww! We suddenly believe in love again!


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